About Adia Tucker, MSED., LMHC


Inspired by my experiences as a career changer and my background in counseling psychology, I recognize the critical intersection of the personal and the professional. If you have ever found your work creeping into your personal space and time; if you have ever felt stressed or anxious over the direction or lack of direction of your career; if you have ever had your romantic or social relationships, mood, confidence, or family life negatively impacted by what was going on at work, then you recognize this intersection too.

You may be spending a minimum of eight hours per day, five days per week working - more time than you get to spend with loved ones - and what we do is often strongly linked to how we feel about ourselves, our relationships, our world, and our future. I founded LifeCareer Wellness on the principle that it is not possible to compartmentalize these areas; our work life and identity tie into our mental and emotional health, and both require care for overall wellness. When we work together, my approach is to tend to ALL aspects of who you are and who you want to be.

I counsel for a variety of personal and professional issues, including relationship difficulties, challenging life transitions, career choice and change, self-esteem, stress and anxiety, and identity development. In addition, I offer career coaching, including resume building, professional branding, and interview preparation, for individuals who know where they want to go but need some structured support in getting there. A Licensed Mental Health Counselor with degrees from Harvard and Fordham, I also have a background in the finance world, education, and the arts.


I work from a holistic, culturally sensitive, and strengths-based approach, assisting you in recognizing and fostering your strengths while working on areas identified for growth, whether in the professional or personal realm. I provide a warm, safe, and non-judgmental atmosphere to facilitate exploration and openness. I work in a collaborative and action-oriented manner, so I will encourage and support you in practicing behaviors we discuss outside of sessions.